Monday, March 12, 2012

Monster Mash

You know when you have an idea and you just can’t seem to get rid of it until you put it out on paper? Well I’ve had this idea running through my head for about two weeks now that I’ve been sketching and creating story for whenever I got the chance. It’s kind of out there, but it’s been bouncing off the walls of my skull for a while now.
Until I come up with a better name, the idea’s called Monster Mash, yeah, like the song. You’ve pretty much got the entire pantheon of Halloween characters existing within a fictitious city called Walgrimm (name also in the works). The story revolves around four kids. Here's some descriptions and sketches I've made for it.
Franklin- The first and main character is named Franklin. He is a flesh construct or ‘golem’ created by the eccentric scientist, alchemist and Kabbalah practitioner, Doctor Barone. Unlike golems created by past alchemists, Franklin is self-aware and, with the exception of his sown on body parts and above average strength, is your typical twelve year old who loves baseball and making friends. Another fact about Franklin is that he was named after Benjamin Franklin and not Frankenstein.
Jezebel- Unable to remember hardly anything of her past life, Jezebel is a quiet yet dangerous vampire without pity or remorse. She is part of a sect of vampires making an “existence” in Walgrimm. She is a skilled fencer and attends a private school for girls where Mistress D’Agonia—leader of the Vampires in Walgrimm—poses as principle.
Natilee- Only eight years old, Natilee has already begun to feel the effects of her ancestral curse. Her father is a werewolf and so was her mother before she was killed by witch-hunters two years ago. Leaving the dangers of their homeland behind, Dmitri Volkov brought his daughter to Walgrimm to begin a new life. Unfortunately, the trauma Natilee experienced awoke the wolf within her early on causing trouble for both of them as well as the people of Walgrimm.
Dodger A mischievous poltergeist with a flair for the dramatic, Dodger is the result of a séance gone wrong where the medium couldn’t control the summoning and accidently manifested the ghost of a thirteen year old boy into the physical world. Able to interact with the physical world, Dodger has been having the time of his after-life zooming around the city pulling pranks.

Right now I’ve been working out the bad guys to this idea. A society of witch-hunters is one idea that I will be using later on, but for now I’d like to focus more on Franklin’s story, his history and the source of his consciousness. My idea for the first bad guy will be another alchemist like Dr. Barone, only he wants to steal Franklin and dissect him to find the source of his self-awareness.
I want to try making this an online comic. I really don’t have a whole lot of experience with that but I’ll try drawing up a few pages and see how it goes. 
Also, I really hate the set up on Blogger. I can't get these pictures organized to save my life! 

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