Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dragon Dragging

Another year older, another year of realizing just how foolish I am. It was my birthday last week and I thought, now would be a good time to evaluate myself on the goals I set back in January. So here’s the reader’s digest summery of my objectives and how I’m doing on each one.
1. Get my EMT- This one, unfortunately, hasn’t gotten off the ground yet. I was trying to get into a local program but the class was already in session for a couple of weeks when I called about it. I still want to get it though. Not so much to get a job with it, more so because I want know what to do if a situation were to arise, instead of standing around with a dumb look with my finger up my nose.
2. Begin learning to play the violin- I have purchased a violin, or “renting” one, but will eventually be paying it off. I’ve learned the proper hand and chin positions and can play a shaky ‘three blind mice’. I found a good site on-line that offers in-depth instructional videos and I’m planning on starting on that soon.
3. Publish two short stories or a book- I have a couple of short stories written, but haven’t finished editing them yet. Just need to push myself a little harder on that.
4. Read through the Standard Works- I’m half way through the Old Testament right now and after that my goal will be completed.
5. Overcome social anxiety/ make some friends- Honestly, I’ve sort of neglected this one. I do have the desire to hang out with friends and such every once in a while, it’s just I like my alone time even more. I’m going to get back into church institute this summer, as soon as I find out when registration is, and hopefully things will start moving then.  
6. Become at least conversant in Japanese- I am happy to say I am improving steadily in this goal. I ordered the Pimsleur Approach program back in February and I’ve been working through the CDs with consistency. However, it’s only focusing on the spoken language. So later I’ll need to find something that’ll teach me to read and write it.
7. Go to Japan- Last November, I heard that the Japanese government were giving away free round-trip tickets in April to a number of people who would be willing to visit Japan and blog about the time they spent there. They were doing this because tourism took a harsh drop in Japan during the aftermath of the Tsunami and Fukushima power plant incident. However, I haven’t found anything on that since. If anyone knows any details about that, let me know, please!
8. Go back to school in the Fall- I have the money saved up, now I just need to study up so I can pass that #$@! Math exam so I can make it to a class that actually gives me credit this time!
9. Read fifty books- I’m going a little slow right now; mostly because of this new job I’m working that’s making me work 10 hour days. Since January I’ve read only five books, so I need to step up on that as well.
 10. Have a fully written journal- This one has been suffering big time also. I think the reason I find it hard to keep a journal is because my life is exasperatingly boring. I’d might as well write about a day in the life of a blade of grass, that’s how dull it is.

Well, I’ve definitely got some work ahead of me. Hopefully things will start progressing a little faster here in a bit. In the mean time, I’ll just keep chugging along. I’ve got new ideas and projects I’m working on to keep me busy. Like my Monster Mash idea, that it blooming nicely in my head and on paper. More on that and other things that really don’t carry any significance whatsoever to you, after these short messages… :P

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