Friday, June 22, 2012

Is Amon who I think it is?

The first season of The Legend of Korra culminates in less than twelve hours with the possibility that Amon, the main antagonist in the story, will have his true identity revealed. If so, I wanted to quickly put up my theory on who he is and how he can do what he does without being a bender.

As for my theory on who Amon is, I am about 85% sure that it is Bumi. No, not the King of Omashu in the first series. I'm referring to the eldest, non-bending son of Avatar Aang. Both his mother (Katara) and older sister (Kya) are water-benders while his younger brother (Tenzin) and father are both air-benders (of course with his father also being the Avatar). Growing up in such a situation could have caused feelings of jealousy and eventual hatred for benders in general. One thing that supports my theory is the way Amon moves when fighting benders. He dodges and flows with the attacks, just like an air-bender; my guess is that Aang taught Bumi the forms while he was alive. Another point is that, in the last episode, Amon takes over air temple island and seems to make it his base of operations in the finale preview.
Moving along now. Amon has two very strange abilities that have thus far been revealed. First off, he can take a bender's power away. Second, he can withstand blood-bending, something that even Aang couldn't do without some help. Assuming that Amon is truly Bumi, one could reason that it was Aang himself who taught Bumi to take bending away, since Aang is the only other person known who was able to do it. While that may be the case, it still doesn't explain how Amon was able to resist blood-bending.
In the episode where Korra witnesses Aang's battle against the blood-bender, Yukone, we see that Aang was at his mercy until the Avatar spirit took control. Where I'm getting at with this is that amon would not be able to escape blood-bending by himself alone. Someone, or something had to have been helping him. During his revelation to the equalists, Amon tells his followers that he was chosed my the spirit guardians of the world to do away with benders. What if that was only a half truth? What if a powerful, ancient spirit made contact with an angry boy and promised him his strength to equalize the world. It would have to be a malevolent spirit who has an issue with the Avatar and wants his revenge. The spirit that I'm referring to is Koh the face-stealer from the first season of ATLA.
We know that Aang went to him to learn of the ocean and moon spirits, that few knew of except the most ancient of spirits. When Aang confronts Koh, he reveals to him that a previous incarnation of the avatar tried to kill him for stealing the face of his beloved. When Aang leaves, Koh tells "the avatar" that they would meet again. Later in the last season, we find out that the Avatar who fought Koh was the previous water-tribe Avatar, Korin, so how sweet would it be for Koh, to wait and take his vengeance on the next water-bender.
So there's my theory in a nutshell. Amon is Bumi with Koh the face-stealer backing him up.
Now many of you might think it's a waste of time pondering on things like this. I'll agree, it is. But so are video games, movies and books in a sense. It's all just good fun trying to figure things out like this before they happen. If you can go an entire mystery novel or Christopher Nolan film without trying to guess who's behind it all, then you don't know how to enjoy it!

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  1. Well, I was a little off. But that's okay. I like to be wrong about how the story turns out; keeps me on my toes. But now I'm wondering what the direction will be for the next season. I mean, they pretty much concluded everything in the last two episodes. No more bad guy, no need to relearn the elements. Are they going to continue Korra's story or are they going to skip ahead to the next Avatar... or go back in time to a previous Avatar. One way or the other, I'm really looking forward to the next season now.