Monday, October 22, 2012

West Coast Vacation- Part Three: San Francisco

So... I've neglected to finish up this easily writeable end portion of my coast trip for over two months now. The motivation to finish it is to get started on another brilliant idea and I need to finish this one up first. Anyways, San Francisco definitely had its ups and downs. It was fun and awesome to see sights that I've only seen in pictures and television, but unnecessary stress marred our day in the Bay City mostly because of unpreparedness. For instance, it turns out that you need to schedule Alcatraz trips two weeks in advance because there's only one ferry on the entire pier that goes out there. Another thing is that we didn't plan out our transport very well and missed the shuttle back to where we parked the RV and instead had to split up between a taxi cab and taking the bus back. Adding on the fact that my brother, Christopher had his bike stolen at pier 39 in broad daylight, the stress was definitely running high that day. Live and learn.
                 However, there were some great sights to see and I managed to cross one of my goals off my bucket list, which was riding my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Because my brother's bike was pilfered and my family was stuck at the pier because the bus never showed up, I rode solo to the bridge and crossed via the western side of the bridge facing the ocean. The wind was blasting from the direction of the giant puddle with the sun setting in one of the most spectacular sunsets I've ever seen. I couldn't have planned a better time to cross it and I am eternally grateful that I at least had the opportunity to make that one ride.

                After our day in San Francisco, we raced eastward back to Utah, through the beautiful California countryside and into the more barren, though still aesthetically pleasing, state of Nevada. It was a great trip all in all and a great final hurrah for Christopher before leaving to the MTC and on his mission for two years. If nothing else, there is one repercussion I have felt from this trip, being that my travel bug was reawaken. Now the twitch to run off and see the world has hit me harder than it has in quite some time. Already, I'm making some big plans for next summer with two places on two different sides of the world  in consideration. I'll be posting more on this idea and hopefully get back into the swing of things with this blog...perhaps even starting a new 'travel blog' if all goes according to plan.

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