Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Purchase and the Journey.

The 2012 7.3 FX Disc. . .Oh yeah. In the next week or two I'll be receiving this beautiful creation of mechanical imagination that I will use to traverse a continent. Granted, I spent more money on it than I'd like to admit, but the possibilities that this little bike opens up to me are beyond the cost and is greater in worth. 
Now many of you may ask, why a bike? Why not just drive a car to where you want to go? It would be much faster and much easier to get around. My answers are simple. First off: money, money, money. Gas is just too much nowadays for a poverty-stricken individual, such as myself, to get anywhere on such a budget. Not to mention probable maintenance issues that could jack the price up exponentially. While on a bike, the only fuel you need to worry about is for your own body and the maintenance is much smaller, cheaper and easier to accomplish by yourself
Secondly, I want to be a writer and blogging while traveling is a great way to, not only get good practice but also to record and learn from my experiences and utilize them in my stories.
To be honest, the first two reasons are the only ones people would understand. Reason number three is a little more different of a perspective that not as many will probably share. I’m not one who likes to rush things. I like to take my time and enjoy the sights and places I visit. When I went to Vancouver last spring, I walked all over that city which gave me a much more intimate look at the city than if I were only to have driven through it. Biking, though I’ll have a set schedule on my travels, will allow me to have more time taking in the views and there are places I can go on a bike that I couldn’t in a vehicle.
My last reason is for the sheer freedom and adventure of it! I want to be able to look back on my life and say that I didn’t live the routine that everyone else lived. Not saying that the routine- school, work and family (of course, not necessarily in that order) - is a bad thing, it’s just not my thing. Eventually I’ll get to it, but I really need to satisfy this nomadic itch first. To ride hard for hours on end, sleep under a starry sky each night, and learn of the cultures around the world first hand.
Oh, and just to clarify what my next trip is going to be; I will be traveling the width of these United States from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic which will be starting off next May. I expect to be visiting most of the major cities from east to west and will be gone about six months by my current reckoning. But don’t think I’ll be doing a half-baked job on my preparations or anything. As soon as I get my bike, I’ll be taking “short” trips to nearby states until I learn from enough mistakes on what to bring and what not to bring that I’ll be ready for the long haul in May. I’ll be sure to keep the updates coming.  
Alright, I guess that’s enough yap out of me tonight. Happy trails then, until my next post.

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