Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Will of the Wheel

The bike is here! I rode it ten miles to a Halloween party today out in Hooper and it rode like a dream the whole way. On the return journey my brain seemed to be racing against my body, as visions of far distant places and beautiful vistas rose before my mind's eye. If you want to know what utter freedom feels like, ride a bike. It's faster than running, there is no gas or oil that you need to constantly be badgered by and you don't need to worry about insurance or getting your inspections taken care of.  If you have a basic knowledge of bike mechanics, which I am currently working towards right now, you could be completely self-sufficient with only your own strength and wits to rely on.  
The Trek 7.3 Disc
As you might be able to tell, I'm pretty excited about this! I've already begun planning out small trips into Ogden and to Salt Lake City. Hopefully, before the first snowfall, I'll do an overnighter to Evanston, Wyoming. I do have one conundrum I'm trying to work out though. Come next spring, I was going to try my hand out traveling the States, however, I recently received news that the Japanese government is giving out ten thousand round trip tickets to Japan and back for free, the only catch is you have to blog about your trip and basically send a resume as to your blogging past and what your planned itinerary is in Japan and they will be taking applications this April. So if I want to go to Japan, I need to step up on this blogging game and get more people following my blog. 
Here's a pic of the book I've got and how thick it is.
Not some flimsy manual to say the least.
The Stateside venture can wait. Japan could quite possibly be a one time chance for me. Who else would be able to say they've rode a bike from Hokkaido to Kyushu? Which, actually, would probably be round about the distance from Ogden to Los Angeles. I've already decided that, as soon as I figure out a way to make some money, I'm going to buy me a Japanese Roseta Stone program and try to become conversant before April. (Giving my application in Japanese would definitely turn some heads I think.) 

If anyone has any tips or advice they'd like to give, I'm all ears; unless you try telling me not to do it, in which case you'll just be wasting breathe. Anyone who would be interested in following me, please click that little button. With your guys' support the misadventures of Wolfmutt will become much less mundane and more . . . intrepid.

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